• Funds: -579 mln deposits in June


    Another 'cold' month for the asset management industry, with net negative inflows of € 579 million. Because of the general uncertainty and volatility climate, at the halfway point of the year the total balance of flows decreased to € +9.3 billion and assets managed decreased to € 2.061 billion from € 2.064.5 billion in May.

  • Boom of foreign funds in Italy


    Italian savers, through the banks and their financial advisors, have invested € 754 billion in mutual funds under foreign law, a data that has almost doubled compared to 2012.

  • FMI cuts Italy's growth estimates


    In 2018 the Italian economy will grow only by 1.2% with a further slowdown to + 1.0% next year. These are the new estimates provided by the International Monetary Fund.

  • Etf, the collection slows down


    Positive net flows of $ 233 billion, but one-third less than the same period of 2017. This is the trend of the ETF market in the first half of 2018, according to data reported by FTfm.

  • Istat: new braking signals, GDP at contained rates


    The 'spy' indicator on economic performance shows a new deceleration, consolidating a scenario of containing the pace of growth, Istat said in the last monthly note.

  • Trump pulls straight, another 200 billion tariffs to China


    The White House has declared that it will evaluate 10% of the tariffs on an additional $ 200 billion of Chinese assets, in addition to the 34 billion applied at a rate of 25%, leading the march on the tariff war with Beijing.

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