• ETF: in September escape from European government bonds


    The month of September was very favorable for the European ETF market. Equity played a major role, recording most of the inflows (5.3 billion euros). The collection of passive funds on emerging securities surpassed that of European counterparts for the first time since May.

  • Capitals for 10 billion on mutual funds


    Since the beginning of the year the Italian networks, which have about 4.2 million customers, support the asset management industry with flows, net of disinvestments, close to 10 billion euros. Only in August, according to the Assoreti survey, out of a total funding of 2.6 billion, 1.5 billion went to mutual funds.

  • Asset management, in August the collection returns positive


    According to Assogestioni's surveys, with € 2.54 billion, the asset management industry returned to positive net flows after three consecutive months of red. The balance rises to € 11.84 billion since the beginning of the year. Boom of closed-end funds (507 mln), while open-end flows are back in surplus (643 mln) but remain weak.

  • ETF: variable rate bonds are coming back


    Flows to EtFs bond slowed down in Europe, registering net inflows of 194 million euros, compared to 2.6 billion euros in July. European investors have shown a preference for floating rate bonds (+577 million) and for inflation-linked Eurozone sovereign bonds (+182 million).

  • The OECD cuts Italy growth in 2018


    The OECD downgrades, cutting by 0.2 points, the estimate of the Italian GDP growth in 2018, which is now set at 1.2%.

  • ETP: US equities push the flows in August


    The global etp industry has raised 36.2 billion dollars in August, bringing the figure from the beginning of the year to $ 311.7 billion. Inflows were driven by US equities for $ 15.8 billion, fixed income for $ 8 billion, global equity developed markets for $ 4 billion and $ 3.2 billion in emerging market equities.

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