• The BTPs held by Italian banks reach 395 billion


    Italian banks are increasingly holding BTPs. An analysis carried out by Reuters based on data released by Banca d'Italia shows that the BTPs held by Italian banks reached 394.736 billion from 387.2 in the previous month.

  • Markets, the ETFs are very popular: a thousand shares hit Piazza Affari


    The advance of the ETFs on the markets is increasingly evident: on ETFPlus the listed ETFs have exceeded the threshold of one thousand units. Of these, 692 are equity instruments and 309 bonds.

  • Italy, further negative fiscal expansion by rating, no mini-Bot (Fitch)


    Fitch Ratings warns the yellow government that further expansionary measures at the budget level, worsening the debt dynamic, would put pressure on the sovereign rating, currently at the 'BBB' level with a negative outlook.

  • Banks: decline in loans to companies in April


    The month of April indicates a rise in both net and gross non-performing loans and a decline in corporate loans granted by Italian banks. In particular, in absolute values the gross non-performing loans rose in April to 92.382 billion euros from 91.972 billion in the previous month. Net sales also increased to 32.602 billion euros from 31.706 billion in March.

  • Great Britain, 1st quarter GDP revised downwards


    The preliminary estimate for the UK GDP in the 1st quarter of 2019 was revised downwards, in the wake of the collapse in car production and as a consequence of the Brexit political affair. The second estimate released by the Office for National Statistics shows a decrease of 0.4% on a quarter compared to -0.1% of the preliminary estimate.

  • Trump: Fed has raised rates too high


    "China has devalued its currency, we cannot do it because we have the Fed". Thus the US president. Trump criticized the Fed: "He put us at a disadvantage. He didn't listen to me and made a mistake in raising interest rates too quickly."

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