• ETF: variable rate bonds are coming back


    Flows to EtFs bond slowed down in Europe, registering net inflows of 194 million euros, compared to 2.6 billion euros in July. European investors have shown a preference for floating rate bonds (+577 million) and for inflation-linked Eurozone sovereign bonds (+182 million).

  • The OECD cuts Italy growth in 2018


    The OECD downgrades, cutting by 0.2 points, the estimate of the Italian GDP growth in 2018, which is now set at 1.2%.

  • ETP: US equities push the flows in August


    The global etp industry has raised 36.2 billion dollars in August, bringing the figure from the beginning of the year to $ 311.7 billion. Inflows were driven by US equities for $ 15.8 billion, fixed income for $ 8 billion, global equity developed markets for $ 4 billion and $ 3.2 billion in emerging market equities.

  • Etf, net collection halved in August


    Net collection on the European ETF market nearly halved in August, 2.2 billion euros compared to 4.1 billion in July. Most of the inflows (€ 2.9 billion) flowed into the stock market, which compared to July showed a significant increase (+ 70%).

  • Asset management, collection in July is negative for 483 mln


    The asset management industry in July recorded a negative net funding figure for the third consecutive month with outflows of € 483 million, according to partial data released by Assogestioni. From the beginning of the year, however, funding remains positive for € 9.3 billion, according to a statement. Assets under management fell slightly to 2.062 billion from 2.066 billion in June.

  • New setback for mutual funds


    New setback for open and closed funds. According to the data gathered by Assogestioni, the month of July 2018 closed with a negative balance of more than 1 billion for collective management which, from the start of the year, can still count on a positive net balance of 9.5 billion.

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