• ETF, new Italian record: AuM at 81.14 billion in the third quarter


    The Italian ETF market continues to grind records. In the third quarter of 2019, the AuM reached the record of 81.14 billion euros with an increase of 16.71% compared to September 2018.

  • Germany, Zew index confidence economy falls less than expected in October


    The Zew index on the confidence of the German economy slows down in October but less than feared. The decline is 22.8 points for the general indicator, for which the consensus was of a fall of 27 points, and of 25.3 points for that on the current conditions, for which the expectations were of a correction of 26 points.

  • Bank of Italy, public debt falls below 2.463 billion


    The Italian public debt decreased in August to 2,462.6 billion euros, down by 3.3 billion compared to the previous month. This is what emerges from the latest data from the Bank of Italy.

  • Record for the European ETFs collection


    In September, European ETFs achieved the best month ever, totaling a collection of 17.3 billion euros. Thanks above all to the shareholder funds (+ € 11.1 billion).

  • Liquidity does not worry the ECB


    Liquidity, which seems to be scarce in the American interbank market, does not concern the ECB. Yesterday, the Frankfurt Supervision published the results of a stress test on liquidity for 103 large banks in the Eurozone. The outcome was judged "substantially positive".

  • Bank of Italy confirms the stagnation of Italy also in the third quarter


    At the Senate hearing, the deputy general manager of Bankitalia, Signorini, said that on the basis of the information available, in the quarter just ended, the GDP remained almost stationary. Furthermore, growth for next year may be slightly lower than expected, which was +0.8%.

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