• Corcos: Asset management in Italy over 2,200 bln, worth 130% GDP


    The President of Assogestioni, Tommaso Corcos, pointed out that the asset management sector in Italy, at the end of October, exceeded 2,200 billion euros, a figure that is equal to 130% of GDP.

  • The golden year of green bonds


    Green bonds reached 500 billion in 2019, while the market already estimates a boom of 800 billion by 2020. Also the CBI emissions against climate change signed a record, projected towards the end of December towards 250 billion dollars.

  • Pir, the magic returns: performance from 25 to 52%


    The specialized funds are closing a good year: the top 20 make from 28 to 52% and thanks to the new law, expected by Christmas, we expect 3.5 billion of collection.

  • Italy, GDP 2019 estimate brakes


    The gross domestic product in real terms is expected to rise by 0.2% in 2019, "in a decided slowdown" compared to last year (+ 0.8%). Thus Istat in the "prospects for the Italian economy", limiting the estimate released in the spring (+ 0.3% for 2019). Instead, growth would be "slightly accelerating in 2020", with an increase of 0.6%.

  • Savings: Censis, away from brick and BoT


    Since 2011 the real estate wealth of families has been reduced by 12.6% in real terms. And 61% of Italians would no longer buy Bots, given the microscopic yields. It emerges from the Censis report.

  • China will delete some duties on US imports


    The Ministry of Finance of China has announced that the government has decided to eliminate some duties on imports of soy and pork from the United States. Meanwhile, next December 15, new US tariffs are expected on Chinese assets worth $ 156 billion.

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