• Equity funds, flows are positive again


    Total revenue of 6.1 billion in the last 15 days for equity funds and good performance also by Europeans, with a billion in the last week. This is due to the decrease in trade tensions between the United States and China, the quarterly accounts of the companies that go better than expected, the accommodative monetary policy of the central banks and the Brexit issue being resolved.

  • More and more Italians are approaching the asset management industry


    More and more Italians are approaching the asset management industry: a percentage that rises to 16%, an increase of 4 percentage points compared to last year's survey, although strongly reduced compared to 63% of Italians who still prefer liquidity.

  • The Istat forecast: stagnation without inflation


    The leading indicators of Istat's short-term economic cycle confirm the ongoing stagnation phase for the seventh consecutive quarter. The short-term scenario is a confirmation of current production levels, with acquired GDP growing by 0.2%. In October, prices stop at + 0.3%, down compared to the summer months.

  • Fund collection, the risk is still attractive


    In September, the European asset management industry reported net inflows of € 40.5 billion (excluding monetary products). Equity funds did well, with 13.7 billion in revenue.

  • China, the economy is under pressure with the industry slowdown


    The Chinese economy continues to show clear signs of a slowdown due to the slowdown in the industrial sector. For this year, China's GDP is expected to fall to 6.2% but the next one could slide to 5.9% according to widely shared international forecasts.

  • Brexit is postponed again


    Brexit receives another postponement, while Westmister continues to discuss early elections, now inevitable, without finding a solution yet. Britain will be able to leave the EU on 31 January 2020, but even earlier, according to the latest flexible extension.

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